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Vortex Optics Viper HS-T Rifle Scope Review

Recently, I had the opportunity to test a rifle equipped with a Vortex Optics Viper HS-T Rifle Scope. The scope comes with many options and configurations. For example you can get a 4-16x44 or 6-24x50 and then add the VMR-1 MOA or VMR-1 MRAD reticle. The scope I had the privilege of using was 6-24x50 VMR-1 MOA. The scope was designed to be used in mid to long range applications. Vortex was able to pack top of the line features in this model making it react and preform like a premium scope without going overboard on the price.

Elevation and windage turrets are exposed. I found that making positive fast adjustments where easy and a nice loud click was felt and heard, letting me know the scope was responding to all my adjustments, something you can't do quick with capped turret. The CRS (customizable rotational stop) made staying on target and getting back to zero, a breeze. The reticle held zero without issue, and tracking was very precise. The nice long 4 inch eye relief was exactly what I wanted to see in a scope like this. I was able to make fast accurate and repeatable shots all day long. I felt like the scope's comfort zone was up to 20 times. This is where I was able to still get clear vivid images, and the vortex viper rifle scopes field of view remained strong. One way to tell if a scope is made from quality materials is to see if the image resolution changes at dusk. In this case, glass quality is noticeably better, remaining clear with true to life color. Multi coated, extra-low dispersion glass, is used to increase resolution. Performance in low light settings was impressive as the sun started to retreat into the night. The Vortex Viper HST is definitely a step up from the crossfire or the diamondback line of scopes.

Packing up the rifle and scope, I reflected back on the day and realized how enjoyable the scope was to use. Shock-proof one piece o-ring sealed and argon purged construction, makes it rugged and weather tight. Yet, at only 22 ounces, it wasn't overwhelmingly heavy.

At this point, I've become fully aware of how capable this optic would be as a primary scope for long rage hunting and targets. Putting the cherry on top, you get piece of mind knowing that if you put this on your AR-10, Creedmoor 6.5 or 30-06 Winchester, a Vortex can handle the recoil. In the off chance it doesn't, you're covered with a fully transferable, unlimited lifetime warranty. Leaving the range that day, I felt like Vortex Optics manufactured the Viper HS-T rifle scope to set a precedent in the hunting industry. With so many different combinations and options in the Vortex Viper line, it feels like they're tailor made for the individual who's using it.

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