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Top 5 Rifle Scopes For Under $50 Review

For a long time, I wasn't a fan of cheap rifle scopes, but within the last 10 years scope manufacturing and technology has exploded. It’s actually possible to buy a versatile multipurpose scope that serves a purpose. In years past, affordable rifle scopes with great magnification, illuminated reticles, adjustable rear objective lenses, multi-coated low dispersion glass that allow optimal light transmission, just weren't a thing you could get with a cheap scope.

When you compare the scopes listed below, and factor that they also include rings, lens covers, cleaning cloths and tools they're a tremendous deal. I actually got my introduction to the world of $50 riflescopes by mistake, when buying a used scope that needed some parts.

The scope needed ring mounts and I wanted lens covers. A cheap set of mounts would cost me $12, lens covers were $16 for a set, and then $4 shipping for a grand total of $32. When placing my order, I noticed an ad at the bottom of my computer screen for a Beileshi 6-24X50mm AOEG scope that has everything I'm about to order already included. Surprisingly, it's only $42. Doing some quick math, I'm thinking, wait a minute, that means I'm only really paying $10 for the scope. I had no choice but to go for it. The worst that could happen would be that the scope was no good, but I still had my mount rings and lens covers, which I needed anyway.

Since buying that scope, I look at cheap rifle optics a whole different way and added quite few to the collection. I've used them on a number of different platforms including .22 long, 9mm carbine and AR-15 with success. Not only did these scopes come with a ton of extras but they all where surprisingly accurate. I havent tried them on my .308 yet, maybe thats my next review.

1, Pinty 3-9X40 Red Green Rangefinder Illuminated Rifle Scope

I've had quite a bit of experience with this scope and to date, all is good. When looking for a cheap scope and not looking to spent big dollars on a small dollar rifle I picked it up. My relationship with the Pinty has been interesting. Unlike a high dollar scope, if this gets scratched or dropped, I wouldn't be upset. I use this scope when people become interested and want to see what sport is like. They all start on .22 with this scope. It's become the community rifle and scope. It also comes nicely equipped with the scope, 1 inch high mounts, CR2032 battery and cleaning cloth.

2, Beileshi 6-24X50mm AOEG Optics Rifle Scope

This scope is on the upper end of the spectrum. But, as I mentioned above, when you factor in the bright level 5 Illuminated red and green dot crosshairs, lens covers and scope rings, the scope itself is peanuts. Not bad when you consider we where able to hit golf ball size targets at 100 yards with 6-24x zoom and, the 50mm objective provided good light transmission, which resulted in overall better then expected clear images. The eye relief was around 3.75 inches making it easy to get in proper position for comfortable easy target acquisition.

3, CVLIFE 3-9x40 AO Optic with R4 Reticle Scope

This full size 12 inch scope provides the best value on the list. After buying the Beileshi above, I found this scope and couldn't pass the deal up. The CVlife rifle scope came with free mount rings, lens covers, cleaning cloth and wrench. When you factor in the extras, the scope itself ends up being pretty much free. The scope features multi-coat lenses delivering 95% light transmission for an accurate and clear sight picture. Weather is no problem. It's completely nitrogen filled and sealed, making it fog proof, rain proof and weather resistant.

4, Simmons 3-9X40 Truplex Riflescope

Anytime a new rifle comes in, this scope goes on until I find a permanent replacement. The scope has been mounted on my .22 LR, 9mm carbine and AR-15 rifles. Good for recreational shooting and a good day scope, it's seen a lot of use and had success. For a period of time, I even had it on my AR while teaching a friend. With that said, one time he hands the rifle back and says "there's something wrong I can't hit the target" so I fire a few rounds and think yup its toast! But it wasn't, the rings just came loose. Once tightened, it was back on zero. Since that day I've never had any issue. Holds zero well, just keep your rings tight. Its a no frills simple scope that can get the job done.

5, CVLIFE 2.5-10x40e Red & Green Illuminated Scope

This sleek looking 8.5 inch aluminum scope looks beautiful on a tactical rifle. I feel like when this scope was designed they had an AR platform in mind. Lenses are multi-coated and provide 90% light transmission. Everything on the scope is positioned perfectly. The elevation and windage adjustments are on the top and right hand side, while the built in laser is positioned slightly to the left followed by illuminated reticle adjustments. A nice red and green illuminated reticle with bullet drop compensator, allows for quick adjustments at specific distances. When using this scope, it doesn't feel like a cheap rifle scope at all.

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