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Top 5 Best Night Vision Binoculars - Sights And Scopes Review

I had wanted night vision binoculars and night vision googles for the longest time but something always got in the way. Anytime I buy cheap night vision, I get this fear that something like the Atomic Beam will show up. Seriously, all I can picture is Hunter Ellis showing up, and handing me binoculars with a green laser attached.

Knowing this wasn't for me, I started comparing specs from the best night vision binoculars. The first step would be setting up some research criteria. My top night vision binoculars would need to be affordable, which eliminated most companies, and left me with only a couple real contenders. I also wanted the best battery life with longest possible run time. The biggest deciding factor would be the distance that could be seen in the dark clearly. After looking over all my options and narrowing down the field, a few suitable candidates remained.

My mind was finally made up and I placed the order for the best night vision binoculars I could afford. Waiting for my new device to come was the hardest part, I looked in my mail box a minimum of 3 times per day. The night vision was coming from across the country but when it comes to having a item delivered, patience is not my strongest point.

After only a few days there it was waiting for me. Looking back, the delivery was actually lightning fast. I feverishly raced to get the package inside, frantically opening the box my night vision fumbled and in slow motion fell to the ground. My eyes widened and my heart sank as the box and all it's contents rolled out, spilling on the floor. I picked it all up and grabbed a fresh set of batteries. Then went into a pitch black room and turned the NV on, surprisingly it worked. I thought to myself, at least this thing was well built. Then a big smile from ear to ear came across my face. The room was completely visible, I could see everything in a monochrome color on the display screen. For the next forty-five minutes, as a cool blue night gradually lowered itself down into darkness, I eagerly waited for the opportunity to test my newest toy.

Once darkness had completely set in, I started testing the night vision and was able to make out some deer running along a brush line 200 yards away. All the trees behind him at 250 yards where crisp, clear and detailed. Its important to note that the best night vision in this list can reach out to 350 - 400 yards but in my opinion, they lose resolution at that distance, and really seem to shine at 250 yards .

Watching coyote with infrared googles and deer with infrared binoculars is amazing!

Some nights, I would just sit in the yard unnoticed with my infrared binoculars and enjoy watching the deer pass by. I never realized how much game was within 50 yards of me. The night is alive and active with an abundance of wildlife. My first night, I saw deer standing in a bush line. After that night, I spent countless hours with infrared googles on just observing what would pass by. Within a week I was able to see coyote, fox, raccoon and a countless number of deer strolling through without a care in the world.

After that first night, I was hooked, and needed to step up my night vision game. Since then, I've added multiple, infrared night vision binoculars, night vision googles, and have been thoroughly satisfied every time. I've also have the privilege of testing numerous night vision devices. If you were to ask me what night vision do you use most, I would tell you it's the night vision binoculars. Often my daily tasks aren't done until after the sun's set. Still wanting to get in a brisk walk on the game trail or just relax outside observing wild life, I'll take them with me.

Binoculars are easy to carry, some are small enough to put in the front pocket of a sweat shirt. The light weight design makes holding them in my hand easy. I've also just put the strap around my neck, this added convenience, allows for only holding them when necessary. They're definitely the most versatile when it comes to recreational use.

Seeing my fair share of inexpensive night vision, I've come to the conclusion that these devices require some ambient infrared light to provide a picture, even if it's only small amounts from the moon and the stars. The device will then convert IR, delivering a brightened visual picture. Most devices have an infrared light built right into the frame of the binoculars. This light will flood infrared into the direction you're looking, amplifying the surrounding area, providing a better view at a longer range.

Not all devices are created equal though. There are so many options to choose from. Some of night vision binoculars on this list are no frills, but provide a good visual sight picture and get the job done. Others have very intuitive displays that allow the user to remotely change settings and almost completely allow you to use the device from a phone app. Screen layovers will provide distance, angle, and whole host of options while using the night vision binoculars.

Sights and Scopes had good experiences with the night vision binoculars below.

ATN BinoX-HD 4-16x Night Vision Binoculars

These ATN night vision binoculars are the best on the list. They've achieved natural crystal sharp images as the BinoX-HD effortlessly zooms out to 300 yards. ATN managed to pack a ton of features into this light compact body. Built using an integral computer, you get a lighting fastest, high speed processor. This allows lag-free performance and high-resolution images at the touch of a button. ATN's night vision binoculars have an ultra intuitive interface, buttons are ergonomically placed a finger tip away. The built-in gyroscope assists in image stabilization, while the on screen GPS and compass will always keep you in the right direction. Video recording captures all of your favorite moments so you can seamlessly share with friends or review data. Honestly, my favorite part about this night vision device was connecting the binocular to a smartphone or tablet, and using the night vision's features from a remote location.

Sightmark Ghost Hunter Night Vision Binoculars

Sightmark night vision binoculars are nice and compact. the ergonomic, light weight, rubber coated design feels natural when holding it in your hand. They also can be ordered in two flavors 2x24 or 4x50 for prolonged visual range. 36 lp/mm resolution made seeing clear, hight quality detailed images easy. The device also comes equipped with automatic shut-off, this turns the unit completely off when exposed to bright light sources. What I like the most, was the ability to add a head mount which allowed me to go hands free as the Ghost Hunter Night Vision binoculars sat in front of my eyes. All adjustments can be made with one hand, and I was able to maintain a good visual plain while being 100% aware of my surroundings

Bushnell 2x40 Equinox Z Night Vision Binoculars

Bushnell is synonymous with scopes, they're a trusted name brand that delivers results. The rugged weather resistant Equinox Z Night Vision Binoculars are not different. Featuring a 640x CMOS digital sensor, the binoculars can switch from day vision to night vision with the flick of a switch. A strong infrared light combined with a fully multi-coated optical system and 2x magnification delivers powerful distance and clear night images. In addition, the easy to use interface allows you to capture images and video while saving them on an external microSD memory card. Plus the built-in mini-USB port can connection to your computer for storing data and sharing video.

JStoon Night Night Vision Binoculars

JStoon night vision has been trending high on the night vision best seller list for quite sometime now. Their large, widescreen lcd screen makes for easy viewing. Magnification is a nice 3x and 4x digital zoom is on par with other competitors on the list. The company boasts that this night vision can take HD Image and 960p Video from 300m/984ft away in the dark with 32 Memory Card. You can also use the USB to connect the computer to transmit data to prevent data loss. I think it's also important to note that this night vision provides the best value on the list.

Nightfox Widescreen Digital Night Vision Binoculars

Affordable an simple to use the Nightfox widescreen night vision binoculars are a great way to enter the night scene. There the cheapest night vision on the list to buy, yet you can still see 100 yards plus in the dark. This widescreen digital night vision comes with 3x fixed magnification and 2x zoom that will stay active and running strong for up to 6 hours with one set of batteries. Like my friend always says "some night vision is better then no night vision"

What is Night Vision

Active illumination couples imaging intensification with an active source of illumination in the near spectral range of 700–1,000 nm, just below the visible spectrum of the human eye. Ambient light converts photons into electrons, and is amplified by a chemical and electrical process that then converts it back into visible light where a gray or green monochrome image on a optic display is seen. It doesn't need much reflective light, moon light in the sky is enough. Because active infrared night vision systems can incorporate illuminators that produce high levels of infrared light, the resulting images can be higher in resolution in very low light settings. Image intensifying IR night vision is the most common affordable night imaging system.

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