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Top 10 Best Reflex Sights and Most Popular AR Red Dots

For this review we looked at the top 10 best selling reflex sights and most popular red dots and see what makes them the most popular in 2020. Reflex sights are extremely affordable, the easy to manufacture design makes them cheap to build, and they provide fast target acquisition with unlimited eye relief while still allowing you to be fully aware of your surroundings when mounted on a rifle .

Reflex sight's are also very versatile. Their ultra lightweight and compact size make them the perfect hand gun sight. They allow the user to shoot straight and fast with repeatable accuracy at short to medium distance.

What is a reflex and red dot

A reflex sight is an optic that provides a curved partially reflective glass where a LED red dot reticle is projected forward from a point located behind the lens. That reticle bounces off of the glass, towards the users eye. Due to the reflex design, the projected, illuminated reticle is always parallel with the sight’s optical axis, giving the illusion that the reticle is in front of the viewer while on target.

The benefit is, regardless of head or body position, if you can see the illuminated reticle on the object then you are on target. Field of view isn't impaired like a conventional rifle scope so theres no loss of situational awareness.

It also uses very little energy to produce an aiming point. Basically you can leave a good quality reflux reflex on for months on end, and it's visible. While a reflex is a type of sight, a red dot is just the illuminated reticles color and shape. All of the reflex sights below have red dots.

As of May 2020 theres AR -15 red dots and Shotgun reflex sights are the best selling most popular optics you can get online.

1, Cvlife 1x22x33 Red and Green Dot Reflex Sight

Currently, the Cvlife 1x22x33 Red and Green Dot Reflex Sight is the best selling. The anodized aluminum construction design and 33mm anti-glare len offers a wide field of view, while 4 different red or green illuminated reticles can be selected and used. Windage and elevation are also fully adjustable. The more than affordable price makes it an attractive offer and hard to resist.

What type of reflex sights are there?

Reflex sights generally run in two different flavors. One is a tube reflex sight, these usually look like a stubby rifle scope. This style works off the same principles as an open sight, but all the inner workings are confined to the inside of the tube, and just like in a rifle scope, the optic will have a lens on each end.

2, Sig Sauer Romeo5 Red Dot Sight

The second best selling scope, and a perfect example of a tube reflex is the Sig Sauer Romeo5 Red Dot Sight. Sigs Motac technology uses a sensor to activate and power up immediately once motion is detected, and then powers itself down when the device when not being used.

This contributes to the ultra low energy consumption used by the Sig Sauer. One CR2032 battery will last for an amazing 50,000 hours.

This optic is also completely capable of being submerged in water up to one meter and still function flawlessly, making it not only one of the more advanced red dots, but also very rugged and weather proof.

The second type of reflex sight is commonly referred to as an exposed reflex sight or open reflex and has a very classic look. There is no tube, only a small light weight frame surrounds a slightly curved optic lens where red dot projects so the user can see the aiming point.

3, Feyachi RS-30 Reflex Sight

Coming in at number three, is a great example of what a classic reflex sight looks like. The Feyachi red dot reflex sight 42mm's, unlimited eye relief lens aperture gets you on target fast. The large sun screen will help keep the 4 red dots illuminated and vivdid in bright conditions.

The Best Selling Red Dot Reflex Sight For A ShotGun

A reflex sight can be a great add-on for hard to tame shotgun. Unlimited eye relief, and the ability to regain target acquisition fast after recoil, while maintaining full situational awareness, make reflex sights the dominate choice.

This is where things get interesting, the next 3 optics are not only the top 10 best selling red dot reflex sights, but there also ranked numbers 1, 2, and 3, for the best selling red dot reflex sight for a shot gun.

4, Vortex Optics Crossfire Red Dot Sight Gen 2

In addition to looking good, this no frill, 2 MOA Vortex Crossfire red dot sight focuses on precision pin point accuracy that just gets the job done right. Multi coated lenses make for a clear sight, while the 50,000 hours it can run on a single battery will keep it continuously running for years. The crossfire is night vision compatible, and can be mounted on a varity of platforms like rifle, pistol or shot gun, by using low mounts for a low profile application or the included 1/3 high mounts.

5, Bushnell TRS-25 Red Dot Sight

Small, compact, and durable, the 3.7 ounce Bushnell 3 MOA red dot is small in size but is capable of big performance. It easily mounts on rifles, pistols and shotguns. The brightness dial is ergonomically placed to change quickly and easily adjust the 11 brightness settings.

6, MidTen Micro Red Dot

Built much like the bushnell above, the MidTen 2 MOA micro red dot is a fraction of the price. The multi-coated, scratch resistant lens, provides enhanced image clarity and increases light transmission during low light settings. The nitrogen filled, o-ring sealed construction make this optic fully waterproof.

The Best AR Red Dot Reflex Sight

The last three reflex sights listed might just be the best AR red dot reflex sights on the list. Each optic is made from the highest quality materials, making them extremely rugged and durable. All three optics offer state of the art technology, making the perfect candidate for home defense or tactical applications.

7, Burris Fastfire III Relex

The Fastfire III is the best selling red dot from Burris. Focusing on easy aiming for pin point accuracy, and speed, the dot comes with index-matched, hi-lume multicoated glass, excellent low light performance, and clear glass for bright images.

The device can be ordered in 3 MOA and 8 MOA, and comes with automatic brightness sensors to give the brightest red dot in any light condition. The best part is how easy it is to mount on a pre-existing optic or switch from AR rifle to hand gun.

8, Vortex Optics Venom Red Dot Sight

Another great product from vortex optics, and perfect for rifle, pistol or shot gun, is the Venom. Weighing only 1.6 ounces, and built out of machined aluminum, this red dot is light as a feather, so it doesn't weigh down what it's mounted on.

The Venom focuses on high resolution, multi coated glass for vivid wide view images. 10 intensity settings let you manually adjust the reticle or, the auto brightness option can be used to let the ambient light sensor control dot intensity.

9, Holosun HS510C Open Reflex Solar Power Holographic Red Dot Sight

The Holosun is the best AR red dot reflex sight on the list for an AR-15. Weighing in at only 8.3 ounces and built from grade 5 titanium, which is 5 times stronger than aluminum, makes it ultra light yet extremely strong and rugged.

The device's technology is pretty advanced. Shake awake turns it on if motion is detected and sleep mode can be preprogramed so the device powers off automatically.

Finally, this optic can stay active even if the battery goes dead. Even though the battery seems to last for ever, when they run out of juice they're essentially useless. Holosun has done a great job of resolving this problem by using solar and battery to make it run for 50,000 hours on one CR2032.

10, Predator V2 Reflex Sight

It's always great to see a combat veteran owned company from the USA doing well and making the top ten list. The illuminated 4 reticle pattern predator V2 reflex sight with 45 degree offset mount and adjustable color setting will keep you pushing forward no matter what the conditions present. Tacticon is focused on creating optics that have lightning fast target acquisition with the parallax free design. Sealed O-rings prevent moisture or dust from getting inside and nitrogen purged to prevent fogging inside the glass optic. Reflection proof lens coating to effectively shoot in the sun and hold zero even after thousand of rounds.

All of the reflex sights on this list are excellent, affordable options for many different weapons and uses. They're excellent for home defense, tactical use and even short range hunting. Judging by what people buy, a tube red reflex sight seems to be popular on shot guns, while the more classic reflex sights seem to be best for rifle and pistol.

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