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Sightmark Wraith HD 4-32x50 Night Vision Day Scope Review

Sightmark Wraith HD 4-32x50 Digital Riflescope

In the past, I've passed on digital night/day scopes. They just weren't up to par. Daytime image wasn't great, color and clarity was lack luster. To be honest, it was kind of aggravating and seemed like a struggle. Scopes were also glitchy. Images would cut out or they would completely shut off after recoil. File corruption was ramped. Seriously, there's nothing worse than getting home to watch the video, only to find its gone.

I had the opportunity to test out the 2019 Sightmark Wraith HD 4-32x50 Digital Night/Day scope, and it didn't disappoint. It showed outstanding performance and value. Given the affordable price tag, the Wraith brings a lot to the table. Included in the Sightmark box was a 4-32x50mm sight, adjustable 3 intensity setting IR light, fully adjustable pivoting ball head style light mount, wrench and batteries for the IR light. The Wraith is a digital scope. It doesn't amplify light like a tube intensified unit which does have its benefits. They're not subject to damage from overexposure and there is no tube to degrade and replace

We started testing in daylight. The scope features a display screen that provides a sharp, crisp image past 250 yards. Adjusting brightness was a breeze and easy to control with the -6 to +3 adjustment found on the rear of the eyepiece. The front manual focal adjustment was precise as I consistently switched from one target to the next. The night vision was preforming well during the day, and seemed hungry for more, but this is a night vision scope review so thats where we needed to focus next. Switching from day to night is simple. It's a push button with 3 selections: full color HD, black/white night vision, or black/green night vision mode. Once in night mode, I found the image to be exceptional. Shooting between 50 and 150 yards the image resolution held well. I was able to make out all my targets with ease using the factory IR light. The scope was really in its comfort zone. I was picking off targets at will and enjoying every second. Images were very defined and clear. For the first time I found myself using a digital night vision that worked for me. I have gained absolute confidence in the Sightmarks ability to handle what other digital scopes in the past couldn't. I decided to bring it out to the 200 yard marker. Once on target the IR illuminator was still working very well but the 8x magnification was starting to show its limits and the screen resolution was showing pixilating. I could still Identify targets and see contrast but this is where one would have to start weighing risk vs reward when hunting smaller game.

Over all I was pretty impressed with this night optic. Everything was intuitive and ergonomically placed. The display offers 5 individual rifle profiles (just set and forget), and 10 reticle styles that have 9 colors, giving an abundance to choose from. I found the Wraith's menu to be easy to understand, and navigate. The device has full video and image capture that's stored on a removable Micro SD storage. This allows you to gather data and catch all of your favorite moments when done shooting or hunting. I think its important to note here that file corruption was not an issue, and video recall was 100%. Using very good batteries we achieved just over 4 hours of runtime. Overall I give it two big thumbs up.

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