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Night Vision Firefield NVRS Honest Review

My first dive into cheap night vision was quite the experience. For years I had a rifle sitting, that was bought with the intention of making it my sole night setup. I had the opportunity to try gen 3 night vision and it brought everything into a different light, literally. The only problem has been that I don't have the thousands of dollars it would cost for one.

One day I came to the conclusion that if my dream was going to become a reality, I would have to buy something more affordable. Some of my biggest fears about cheap night vision were the thoughts of spending hundreds on a scope and having something like the Atomic Beam show up. Seriously, all I could picture was Hunter Ellis showing up and handing me a binocular with green laser attached to a weaver mount. Knowing this wasn't for me, I started my journey down the rabbit hole of comparing the specs.

The scope would need to be under $400 which eliminated most companies, and left me with only a couple real contenders. Fit and finish were important, I also wanted the best battery life with longest run time possible. The biggest deciding factor would be the distance that could be seen in the dark clearly. All signs where leading me to the Firefield. I have to admit, after reading every review I could find, I almost didn't buy a scope at all. The reviews were confusing, inconsistent, and all over the place. After a quick break to clear my mind, I came back and put the reviews into perspective. There seemed to be two types of reviewers. 1: the guy who owns his gen 3 and wants to tell you how much he paid, and how anything less is junk. 2: the guy who bought sub $400 NV and expected gen 3 technology and performance. I dismissed reviews like this because they weren't helpful, and I found some pretty genuine reviews from people who highlighted good and bad. I pulled the trigger and got the deal done. My mind was finally made up, and the Firefield would be my new night vision for better or worst. I also purchased good rechargeable battery's, a charger and IR torch light which, I would highly recommend doing, especially with IR night vision.

Two days later the package had arrived. I eagerly took it inside, and like a kid in a candy shop I started opening my new toy. The first thing I noticed was how well it was packed. The firefield came packaged in three boxes and once the final box was opened it was very secure inside. Normally you don't see that kind of attention to detail from a company unless the product is pretty good. Looking inside, I could see a carry bag, cleaning cloth, directions and then, there it was, the Firefield NVRS night vision rifle scope. Holding it in my hand it didn't feel or look cheap. The finish was well done and the titanium body was a nice touch. Definitely not a kids toy.

Some reviews mention the weaver mount doesn't work causing the NV to be loose, so before testing anything I made sure this would fit absolutely perfect. There's no sense in having a scope if it doesn't stay on you rifle. I mounted the scope and thought good to go, but then noticed major wobble to the point where I think it might fall off. I adjusted and to my surprise still not right. At this point 15 minutes had passed and I'm getting a little frustrated. I remembered seeing a simple customer review that stated "Great night vision read directions before mounting." It was a quick 30 second read that I should have done in the first place. After that, I had the scope mounted and secured in less than a minute. Speaking from experience, I can personally say it's not the mount but the person mounting it, save time and read the directions first.

Time for fun, but first I needed a partner in crime, I looked at my son, but I knew he was too big and identifiable. I needed a smaller subject, and big dog was perfect. Plus, he's always up for mischief. I grabbed my freshly charged batteries and unmounted the scope from rifle, which is a breeze once you know what your doing. We jumped in the car and headed to a football field. The area was fenced and from one end to the other is 180 yards, the football field itself has yardage markers. I gave big dog a head start letting him walk off until he was no longer visible then, I turned on the night vision. To my surprise, he was only 20 yards away but in the pitch dark, without NV, I couldn't see him. With NV I could see clearly and with detail. He continued to wonder off 40 yards, then 50 yards and still the image was detailed. Big dog was on the move and at 60 yards was still very recognizable. But, here's where my experiment and some reviews seem to vary. I've seen boasting about this scope being good for 100 yards plus, with only the supplemental light that's included, and truth is I would never take a shot past 60 yards in perfect conditions. Once big dog made it past the 60 yard marker, I could still see him, but the image resolution was poor and I couldn't distinguish him as dog, hog or anything else. As I mentioned before, I bought the IR torch and once turned on, big dog lit up like a christmas tree. Touch down! He was in the end zone, which is 100 yards and the image was clear and recognizable. When he finally reached furthest point, which is 180 yards and I could still see him. As matter of fact, I could see him really well, crisp, clear and detailed. In the background, there was a clearing and then a tree line at about the 200 yard marker. I could clearly see small brush and trees, so I'm confident the NV could be used at further distance. I was very satisfied with the results. I used the scope for hours that night and never at any point had trouble with battery life, but I bought good batteries and make sure to charge them before and after every use.

Since that night I've used the scope countless times and it's helped my night game tremendously, the picture sight has been clear and I haven't noticed any spots showing up on the inside, I make sure to only use the scope at night which is probably why I've been able to preserve the image quality.

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