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Most Sold Scope of 2020 #1 will surprise you!


Nikon has been the leader in optic technology. Their commitment and focus to creating the best scope has been unprecedented. Nikon outpaces its competition in the R&D department, and has innovated much of the optic technology that we use today revolutionizing the industry and pushing it forward. Their ability to innovate and utilize multi-coat lenses in order to maximize light transmission, was a driving force in genuinely bringing riflescopes up to an unprecedented level of 98% light transmission with balanced color distribution. People took notice in a big way, making Nikon the #1 selling scope in its class for a long time. If you've never owned a Nikon, I would highly recommend getting one in your collection. The Nikon P- Tactical scopes below are tailored for .22 long rifle, AR-15 .223 or 5.56 rifles and 308 or 7.62x51 Nato rifles. Giving you unprecedented optical clarity with peak performance in mind.


Leupold made it’s run to the top and for good reason. With so many companies moving off-shore to source cheap labor and parts, Leupold is an American optic company that employs 600 American workers and each scope is built with pride. They also offer one of the best warranty's of any scope company stating “We have the best warranty you’ll never need. If your Leupold riflescope doesn’t perform, we will repair or replace it for free - whether you're the original owner or not. You don’t need proof of ownership or a warranty card, and there’s no time limit." If you ever think about getting a Leopold rifle scope, they really start to shine when you get to their VX class of scope or better. The Leupold VX freedom is designed with the rimfire rifle in mind, while the VX-3 handles large recoil and big bore rifles with ease.


I started noticing Vortex back around 2009, and since then they have really taken off in popularity. They’ve done a great job branding compared to the other scope company's listed above. Marketing the scopes, and creating a solid fan base has quickly moved Vortex into the lime light. Stepping up their game to compete with the likes of Leupold and Nikon, they offer unlimited unconditional lifetime warranty thats fully transferable. One of their best scopes is the Vortex viper line. With so many magnification, reticle, and turret options it leaves you feeling like they manufactured this scope for you personally.

The number one selling scope company was a surprise! If this was a review about the best scope, clearest optic, most popular scope or best warranty any of the companies above would be here, but this is a review about the top trending best selling rifle scope in 2020. I honestly almost fell of my set when looking at the data for this review.

#1 CVLife

CVLife has been breaking barriers, putting out a well rounded scope, and adding a ton of features like: illuminated adjustable reticles, nitrogen filled o-ring sealed aluminum body, some even came with lasers, scope lens covers and ring mounts. The glass is surprisingly clearer than expected. When you factor in that a fully loaded scope sells for less than $80 and a base optic can go for $20 it’s no wonder they gained popularity among recreational shooters. It’s still early in the year and it will be interesting to see if the company can sustain that type of success over the long haul.

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